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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Time turn over a new leaf: one of the last larger collection of tapestries and needlepoint from now on is dispersed.

Dispersed ? not completely: Tapisserie de France® by the intermediary of Annie Bouquet has been able a few months ago to get the immense privilege to choose in private meeting the best content of the drawings of the Braquenié collection. We thus have had during the time of this selection to choose what there was to keep carefully from this prestigious collection.

At the time of that public sale we did not prevent us a sweet madness concerning a top of seat from 1923 in Aubusson hand woven tapestry which  1923 Braquenié was knocked down for 3000 Euros. It is a work of a very great charm of which we had already a specimen in a very similar work and style, the following lot was in add with some other drawings of woven tapestries that constitutes a single whole in its kind. Nevertheless what was put at the public sale at Sotheby' s the 29 last October was in fact in our eyes only what could without fear being dispersed because without interest as well from the graphic than historical point of view.

Thus professionals, which we had to know their effective or indirect presence at the time of this sale, will be able to praise themselves that they hold drawings from Braquenié. But be sure that it is one negligible part of this collection and not the best!

From now on the best of this heritage joined our collection near these of Brocard and Hamot.

Tapisserie de France® is from now on the only company in the world with a so large range of drawings for seat cover. This incomparable heritage that we wanted to reconstitute was for you faithful in love with authenticity and beauty. You will be able thus in only one place to come discovering and choose in the most exceptional collection of drawings ever joined together so far.

Hamot good-bye, good-bye Brocard and Braquenié,


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