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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Braquenié: last selling.


A history of the French decoration

After the private sales of some parts of the collections of the famous Braquenié's, a pubic auction in Paris is planed for the last week of October 2005. The information on this sale can be obtained from the auctioneer Patrick Deburaux to Paris 16em. A great choice of hand woven tapestries, but also some parts of finished needlepoint tapestries & painted cartoons. Tapestry de France® & Annie Bouquet the only ones authorised for private sell already reserved for you the best of these collections and promise to you to held them always available.
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Friday, September 16, 2005

Versailles collection exhibits to Chinese

Voir  Tapisserie de l'Empereur Kangxi  In the scope of the Year of France, August 31, in China, the exhibition of the collections of the Palace of Versailles, (royal palace southwest of Paris, probably the most famous in Europe and closely associated with Louis XIV) opened its doors in the Museum of Shanghai.

One will be able to admire there a Tapestry whose principal subject is the Kangxi emperor of the dynasty of Qing (1644-1911).

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Needle Art Festival

Voir  The third edition of the Needle Art Festival, "Aiguilles en Fête", exhibition of Needlepoint, Embroideries, Patchworks and needle work. will open its doors to the public from March 10 to 12, 2006 in the Floral garden (situated in the wood of Vincennes S.E. side of Paris: Parc floral de Vincennes, Subway Château de Vincennes).

Hang on line we will anounce out innovations and new products awaite.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Geneva States House

Official handing-over of the Tapestry the PEACE of Othon Friesz to the Nations house in Geneva.

Monday September 5, 2005 at 5 PM - Door 6

In the presence of M. Renaud DONNEDIEU OF VABRES, french Minister for the Culture

Read the singular history of a french Government ordering for the Nations house.

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Meeting of the creation

Voir  The hour to be seen !

From September 2005 second Tuesday of each month , we propose to you to come in to see the new designs of needlepoint tapestry. This shall be presented at our show room to Paris 7, rue des Moulins in the first district (two steps from the Louvre).

At the tea time we will offer cakes as accompanying ....

PS. In order to give you more pleasant moment you should be so kind to warn us of your arrival time.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Web talking

Voir  Tapestry de France ® gives from now, regular rendez vous on these pages to take note of the news in several needlepoint and tapestry fields and decorative art sector.

The tool choosen is the blog.

You will find then here news and informations on all mater arround needlepoint, tapestry art, decorative an textile art.

This blog is divided in different parts which you will be acceding to by the link to the right hand side of the pages.

Before mapping more subject yet, you will find in that first step informations about:

- Web site evolution
In these columns you will learn what has been done, what and where are the new pages. What they show and the coments on the designs we bring to you.
You could find here too some usefull information on how to us the site, the tools available, the technical improvments etc.

- Exhibition.
Here we will give you date for exhibitions but also words about what we did like or would like to see in short time. We shall be talking too about what could be interesting to learn and see in the world of impassioned of embroiderie, needlepoint, about material as canvas or threads and of course in decorative or creative art field.

- Learning.
As may be already you know, Tapisserie de France ®, help you to becoming a perfect interpreter of the cartoons we offer. Many stages take place throught the saisons. Even individual ones ! So here we will give you remenbering of all available oportunity to express your art feeling.

As you guess too, Internet offer great oportunities for e-learning ! so keep watching ! We plane to surprise !

- New Drawings.
For several months Annie Bouquet has worked actively to the revival of our collection. In this heading you will discover first soon ahead the best we think from last new designs

At last, a secret that we already revealed to the visitors of the "Needles in Festival" fair to Paris and that we like to share from now with you, it is the "Applied Tapestry" which we also named, for our anglophone friends, " Patching". For further information be on line and read this heading in the next couple of weeks...

Another great news: Tapisserie de France will afford each equinox and in this heading the " Spring-Sumer" Collection & the " Autumn-Winter" Collection.

This occasion will give you starting from links found here a Annie Bouquet seasonal gift.

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Creation meeting

Voir  Hour to see !

Second Tuesday of each month, we invit you to come in and see ours new needlepoint designs. They shall be presented at our show room to Paris 7, rue des Moulins in the first district (from two steps of the Louvre museum).

At the tea time we will offer "petits fours" as cakes

PS. To wellcome you the better, it should be nice to call before !

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