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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Voir  Employ You To Your Mode ...
Your Mode applies To You

In these holidays, sun and sea period, in countryside or sparing time, and, as we announced in a preceding article, the designs range from "APPLIQUE TAPESTRY" ® (Patching) line get its cruising speed.

The "APPLIQUE TAPESTRY" is an idea that had Annie Bouquet & Claudine

Villars in the beginning of the first year of the third millenium. In this famous year 2000 during a conversation taking place to the "Creation & savoir faire" exhibition to Paris, both decide to create needlepoint plastrons which would be APPLIQUED to house shoes.

For this project Annie Bouquet creates 12 drawings. Claudine Villars tackles the models of slippers to which the needlepoint should be APPLIED.

This product of great luxury and very high technicality in its conception has pulled here french and foreign fervent enthusiasm and customers for almost five years now. We had from starting aimed the most difficult: To AFFIXE the Needlepoint to lamb's leather !

Since this date the "APPLIQUE TAPESTRY " or PATCHING bring forward its way and it is today, in addition of house shoes ranges, nearly 25 models for all kinds of applications which are offered to you.

Here we have to thank all women and men from our friendly customers who during these last years had the privilege of exclusiveness, coming to our show room to Paris or ordering via Internet and who were choosing these new and so luxury line of needlepoint. They tested for you the technique and thus proved not only its facility of execution and applying, but also, by their enthusiasm, encouraged us in the extension of this new collection.

You are from now Carrying on The Movement & flaunting Your Mode !

You thus find in this choice of "APPLIQUE TAPESTRY", small pockets, cuffs, shoulder pads; " APPLIQUE TAPESTRY" like "Patching " on trousers or skirt. Much more still you have also models of " APPLIQUE TAPESTRY" to you hair !

The idea of textile parts APPLIQUE to a support, a "patch", although old, had hitherto never found development in tapestry on canvas, the professional needlepoint sector in other words. Tapisserie de France ® and Annie Bouquet are not thus with out a little proud to have been the firsts to offer that to their customers impassioned by this art.

The needle-worked Tapestry using Petit Point stitches, thanks to its multiple facets of creation and uses shows still its abilities of adaptation and imagination.

One finds in the past a similar but reversed technique which consisted in bringing back a painted fabric, particularly faces, on a scene stitched to the Petit point. In that time, using in matter this technique it were often needlepoint representing religious scenes.

From now shorter time ago, in 1975 to New York is issued by Harry N. Abrams, a book in which are presented personal works which approaches enough what Annie Bouquet and Claudine Villars decide to develop.

In the United States, it is obvious that it is the " patching" which at that time titillate the imagination of the practising of the needle art. This passion for APPLIQUE is all things considered as only one a continuation, a variation, of what the american peoples are the unsurpassable creators, it is to say the patchwork. Which creative activity for last two centuries has been aproved by all the countries of the world as an American speciality. In the book previously quoted it is also a claim of originality; one can indeed read in foreword and in ironic form : "... a sens of style or a licking for brigthness could cost your job on charges of being some kind of faggot, anyway ... the man in grey Flannel suit was a hero."

One finds in this book examples of patch APPLIQUE to Jeans, shirts, jackets. There are profusions of different stitches, glistening colors and matterials, in short, imagination and creativity.

The idea of Annie Bouquet & Claudine Villars of the " APPLIQUE TAPESTRY is thus a form worked out starting from the concept of Patching. Its practice does not require any modifications of your work's habits. No embroideries or cutting difficulties. You endeavour to stitch your needlepoint then affixes it, so "APPLIQUE TAPESTRY" is light up.

A Petit Point Of APPLIQUE TAPESTRY is nice! A Petit Point is a final dot !

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